Best Personality Traits For Lawyers?

If you want to become a lawyer, you must have good manners and be able to make people like you. You should also show respect for your clients (because they are the ones who need advice). If you do this, then people will remember you as the best lawyer in town. It is important that lawyers can be trusted by their clients because it means that they are reliable. You should never let anyone hire an attorney who does not give them back what belongs to him/her, even if he/she has done wrong things in life. A lot of money may come out of it if someone hires bad guys instead of good ones just because they are scared or feel uncomfortable dealing with lawyers who scare them so much!

How many hours per week do law students work?

The average student works about 40-45 hours per week at school plus another 20-25 hours doing homework on top of that. This adds up to an average 50-55 hour work week for most full time students including weekends and breaks from classwork during the year.

What is your opinion on how new laws are made? How long does it take before something becomes legal once passed into law? Is there some kind of dispute process where different sides argue their case against each other until one side wins eventually? Do parties get paid when there’s a court case involved either way whether won or lost?

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