Best Pens For Lawyers Taking Notes?

3.6 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 11 reviews – See all reviews – 03/02/2018Reviewer:

I bought this for my son who is in the process of getting his Masters Degree, but has no specific field focus. This pen gives me confidence that he will not waste time writing with anything else! Great product and great company to deal with!

– 02/07/2018Reviewer:This pen writes smoothly and without skipping. It’s also nice because it looks good when you’re taking notes.- 08/20/2017Reviewer:Great pen for lawyers taking notes or drawing diagrams at meetings or conferences . The ink stays put until ready to be erased (not like other pens I’ve used before). Great value, especially considering what others charge for their custom colors . My only complaint is that they don’t make these in dark colors, like black , navy blue etc…- 04/29/2017Reviewer:Very nice looking pen , very well made.”But care must be taken when making drawings” (that’s an old saying) “in case your were careless there may be traces left behind which may look strange .. For example if one draws a circle leaving two lines intersecting each other … And then trying to erase the parts where the line was drawn …”So you have to take extra care while erasing…. Or just draw twice !Maybe even 3 times : )That being said it’s still a wonderful gift idea !- 06/

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