Best Pc For Lawyers?

The best PC for lawyers has to be Windows 7 Professional. My favorite feature of Windows 7 is the ability to hide all the icons in the taskbar (called pinning), which makes it easier for us attorneys to navigate our computer without being distracted by clutter. I also love that you can have multiple desktops, so I can have one side for my email and billable matters, another side dedicated to work-related documents, etc., but most importantly they both look very similar thanks to what they call “Smooth Motion.”

How do you get your photos organized? How about your music?

I organize my photo library by taking a picture of each item I want on display at home or in my office so it’s easy access when needed. Once unpinned from my desktop ceiling tiles, they are stored in an old shoebox underneath where my TV would be in a normal house. For music, I use iTunes Match because it allows me free online access to over 25 million songs via iCloud Music Library while still allowing me offline playback through Apple devices including iPod Nano 4th Generation. Another cool thing about iTunes Match is that once you’ve uploaded 20,000 songs into their cloud storage system with no DRM restrictions except file size limitations due there are 12 albums per month maximum uploads available per user account. As long as you keep uploading new stuff every month after that limit kicks in then all content remains yours forever! This way if any changes are made someday down the

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