Best Paying Jobs For Lawyers 2015?

In 2015, the average salary for a lawyer in the United States was $100,000. The highest paying state for lawyers is New Hampshire with an average salary of $160,000 per year. The lowest paying state for lawyers is West Virginia with an average annual salary of $94,000.

What are some good law school rankings?

The US News & World Report Law School Rankings (USNLR) ranks American graduate schools by measuring how well they prepare students to be successful in legal practice after graduation; using measures including student selectivity and academic reputation as well as faculty credentials and Fulbright awards administered to U.S.-based students studying abroad programs. Also included are specialty rankings such as top 25 best medical school rankings or top 10 best dental school rankings . We offer both national and regional ranking lists that can provide you valuable insight on which law schools will help you better your career opportunities upon graduation!

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