Best Paying Cities For Labor And Employment Rights Lawyers?

Lawyers in the 100 highest-paying U.S. cities for labor and employment rights lawyers can expect to make an average of $191,000 annually, according to a new report from online legal services firm

The survey analyzed more than 75,000 peer-reviewed salary profiles on Avvo’s website and included cities with at least 500 salary profiles posted during the last two years that had at least 50% of their salaries listed as above $180,000 — which is equivalent to four times the U.S.$60K median income in 2014 (according to data released by Bureau of Labor Statistics).

While San Antonio-based law firms were not directly represented in this ranking due to a lack of available profile information during the most recent time period when research was performed (2014), it should be noted that San Antonio ranked No. 4 among Texas metros when compared against similar cities across the country: Austin/Round Rock ranked number one; Houston came in second and Fort Worth was third, while Dallas showed up fourth nationwide and El Paso came in fifth nationally behind Washington D.C., Seattle and New York City/Newark/Jersey City respectively rounded out our list despite being firmly within top 10 largest metro areas nationwide per latest population estimates from US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Program for 2013 published 5 July 2015 [PDF]. In addition there are also some other smaller states such as Utah which has six Top 100 markets including Provo & Ogden

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