Best Patent Lawyers Who Specialize In Find Buyers For Technology Patents?

A: Yes, we can help you find buyers for your technology patents.

Q: Can you explain the difference between a patent attorney and lawyer?

A: A patent attorney is an individual who specializes in filing for (and prosecuting) patents on behalf of others. These attorneys also prepare applications to allow them to prosecute their own clients’ technologies. Some people refer to these types of individuals as “patent lawyers”, but most legal professionals would prefer not to use that term because it has become very popular with the general public over the last few years due to court rulings stating that there are two distinct roles when it comes to practicing law; namely, one who acts as an agent/employee of another person or entity (the client), and one who actually provides legal advice or representation about how they might be able to defend themselves against litigation filed by third parties claiming intellectual property rights in their inventions/products/businesses. For more information see our FAQ’s about lawyers vs patent agents .

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