Best Passive Time Tracking And Billing Software For Lawyers?

The time tracking and billing software for lawyers we use is ClickTime. This product allows you to track your time, whether it’s billable or not and everything in between. It also has a lot of different types of reports; we can do client-centric reports that allow us to see what our clients are spending their money on, as well as productivity reports that show how much work each lawyer is doing (based off the hour). I like this system because it puts all the information about my daily activities into one place. Lawyers often don’t know about the other services they use every day such as QuickBooks Online for accounting purposes; however with ClickTime I am able to keep all forms of financial records up-to-date at one location so there isn’t any confusion when filing taxes or preparing an invoice for a client.

How would you describe your style? What does your office look like?

My style is very nice but professional at the same time! My office looks very modern and laid out in order based on who sits behind my desk: There will be someone who works primarily from home sitting in front of me, then there will be people working remotely from their laptop computers while completing tasks online, then I have two associates who sit down together throughout the day creating documents related to current cases they’re handling together. After everyone leaves there’s another assistant whom comes in after everyone else takes themselves out before closing hours arrive. Then come back again whenever

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