Best Party Game For A Group Of Lawyers?

I’m going to go with Quiz Lawyers, a game that allows you to compete against your friends in a contest of knowledge.

The premise is simple: There are two lawyers arguing before the Supreme Court and they need some help from you as an expert on the law. One lawyer will present his case as if he were trying it out before the court, while their opponent will ask for questions from those who have been selected as experts on various legal topics. The winner is determined by getting all of their questions answered correctly first. If both sides haven’t provided answers within three turns, points are awarded based on how many answers each side gets right or wrong (the rules don’t say).

I was able to play through this game without too much trouble; I played against my wife and daughter just once apiece because we had so many other games lined up for review over Thanksgiving break. We weren’t playing together but rather against each other at different times during these five days, which would be fine if not for one major drawback I found when playing the game solo: It takes four turns per question! How often do you sit down with your family over Thanksgiving weekend to play cards together? Not very often…you know what else doesn’t take four turns? Solitaire! So why does this game require four extra moves per round? I suppose it was done because there needs to be some give-and-take between players who might argue about answers

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