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Alberto Nisman, the former prosecutor for Kirchner and head of Argentina’s National Intelligence Agency (SIDE), was called to testify before a Congressional committee on July 22 in order to shed light on whether or not there were any secret negotiations between Iran and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. What he revealed instead was that AMIA had been infiltrated by Iranian intelligence, specifically the Quds Force. Nisman claimed that the infiltration began after 9/11 when one of his colleagues at SIDE met with an Iranian diplomat who told him how easy it would be to get the security codes needed for access into various parts of AMIA. The key point is that this type of activity didn’t begin until after 9/11 because prior to then Iran wasn’t doing enough spying in Argentina. For example:

Iranian Embassy spokesman Mohammad-Hajjazi denied allegations made by Mr. Nisman against Tehran, saying “no such person [Mr. Mohammadi] exists in our embassy staff roster…and we have no information about such a meeting held between two people from different countries outside our diplomatic premises ever having taken place.” In fact, “Mohammad-Hajjazi” should be written as Mohammad Hojjaji since Hojjaji is what he calls himself while living under false pretenses in Washington Dc…

Nisman claims that during 2002 and 2003 Azeri agents visited Diego Lagomarsino

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