Best Option For Tenants Rights Lawyers In La?

1. The City of Los Angeles has its own Tenants Rights Department, which is part of the city’s Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board (RSARB). If you have a case against your landlord in the LA area, use the RSARB website to find out if there are any appeals pending. You can also go online to or call them at 1-800-834-3676 for assistance with filing an appeal within 90 days.

2. Other cities may have their own tenants’ rights departments but often they do not handle cases separately from their rent control ordinances, so if you are having issues related to rent control you will need to take those issues up with your local government officials as well as your landlord or property manager who may be representing both parties in order for them to resolve all of your concerns on behalf of themselves and not just yours alone!

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