Best Online Resources For Divorce Lawyers?

in the divorce process in the state of california, california is obligatorily a no-fault state. which means that if you and your spouse were not able to work it out, or there was some other reason for why you wanted to file for divorce (like domestic violence), then either one of you can do so without having grounds to do order to get a no-fault divorce in california, you must meet certain criteria:1) both spouses must be present2) at least one of them must have filed (and served upon the opposing party within 30 days prior to filing their petition.)3) they cannot agree on how much joint property will be divided.4) they cannot agree on alimony5) they cannot agree on child custody6) they are required by law at all costs NOT TO GET A DIVORCE IN CALIFONYou think that just because your marriage didn’t work out things are going well? Wrong! You still have legal responsibilities towards each other even if you’ve moved away from each other physically! This includes paying bills together and sharing financial information with each other regarding bank accounts, retirement funds etc…These obligations include but are not limited to:- living together- dividing up common assets like cars – making decisions about where children live after splitting upWhen deciding who gets what piece of property when divorcing couples fight over how money should flow between them, California’s laws try their best to make sure everyone has access

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