Best Online Listing Service For Lawyers?

How is a lawyer vetted?

How can I find a quality, affordable attorney in my neighborhood?

The answers to these questions are usually found by doing what most people do: asking around. But you don’t have to rely on word of mouth—you can also ask your friends and family or go online for advice from lawyers using the services listed below. In fact, if you need help finding an attorney, this site is for you!

It may be difficult at first glance to believe that there are hundreds of attorneys offering their very own website listing service. After all, it seems like such a hassle and some may even think it’s silly—why would anyone spend their time putting together lists of local lawyers when they could just call up one person and get some help immediately? Well here’s why: while we generally trust referrals from longtime clients or friends who work in law enforcement or know someone on the legal side (and never mind how many times we hear about friends having nothing but bad experiences with shady lawyers), recommendations from complete strangers aren’t nearly as trustworthy [source: Sheppard]. And forget about calling every lawyer in town without knowing anything more than his name; that task takes too much time [source:]. However, unlike choosing which restaurant to eat at based solely on Yelp ratings, selecting an attorney doesn’t require any effort whatsoever; once your name’s put into our searchable directory (

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