Best Of Big 4 For Tax Lawyers?

The best tax lawyer in the country for 2018 is Marcia Greenberger. She received our award because of her work with the National Women’s Law Center, where she was vice president and general counsel. This year, she has been particularly outspoken on issues that are important to women who are victims of sexual harassment or assault. It was at a meeting about the #MeToo movement when Ms. Greenberger made an impassioned speech about how it can be difficult for men to speak up against behavior toward women they find objectionable because their own careers may ultimately suffer if they do so even though they may have witnessed what happened or have knowledge of what went down. Ms Greenberger also helped create an exhibit called “Who Do You Believe? New Tools for Assessing Sexual Misconduct Allegations,” which provides information on how these allegations should be handled by employers and other organizations that do business with them … Read More

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