Best Nyc Neighborhood For Lawyers?

“Well, Manhattan is obviously the most expensive option. A lot of people choose to locate in places like that.” I had no problem with that, but then she said something I didn’t expect: “But if you’re talking about really high-end New York City living, it doesn’t get much better than Brooklyn Heights.”

* * *


Brooklyn Heights was one of the first communities built on Long Island after the Dutch took over what is now Lower Manhattan and set up their trading post there in 1626 (the area was called Breuckelen by them). The town would become known as Brooklyn in 1834 when it officially became part of New York City; its name honors British sea captain John Montresor Jr., who purchased land from Native Americans at a location he named Broome’s Height for his friend General James Grant (who later became Baron Breckenridge). By 1840, a thriving community already existed here—a neighborhood filled with warehouses and shipbuilding facilities owned by wealthy businessmen such as Isaac Ransom Rogers and Jacob Sharp Williams—and it continued to thrive until World War II. It remained an attractive place for people seeking low-lying property because long stretches of shoreline were protected from flooding by both Fort Hamilton Park and Coney Island Creek until 1965. In fact, Brownstone Row still exists today along this stretch of shore

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