Best Note Taking Practice For Lawyers?

The only way to get better at note taking is by doing it. Don’t try to save yourself from the task of writing notes. Instead, go out and practice on a regular basis so that you can have a great repertoire of ideas in your head when you need them most. There are many apps and services for this purpose but if it’s not worth your time or effort, don’t bother with it! Just find an app that works for you and stick with it until you master what they offer.

5) Do I always have to be “on?” Can I take my work home with me? Is there too much pressure in law school? Should I still do well academically even if my social life isn’t going as well as expected? What should I do about my job/my social life/other responsibilities while law school goes on???

You must make time to study outside of class hours because cramming is never effective in gaining knowledge nor will any future employer want someone who does not know how to process information internally. You should also devote some time studying evenings or weekends because otherwise all the reading will be wasted (unless studying during exam times). It’s important to remember that everything takes its toll eventually; physical health, mental health, relationships…all these things deteriorate over time so why wait till after graduation before dealing with these issues? The “what” needs addressing now instead of waiting until then which may already

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