Best Note Taking App For Ipad For Lawyers?

Do you want to be able to jot down notes during a trial or deposition? Does it get frustrating when your iPad battery dies while you’re in the middle of taking notes? Do you wish that there was an app for your iPad that made writing on the fly easy and enjoyable? If so, then iNotate is for you. Legal professionals will love this app because: • It works just like a notebook. You can write, draw, take pictures and add voice memos all at once without having to open other apps… Think of it as your very own notepad! • Write anywhere using one hand – no need to switch between notes! Just use two fingers on the screen and move them up/down/left/right with ease. Use one finger for drawing or adding voice memos too! • Translate words into different languages instantly by simply tapping on them (needs internet connection). Simply tap again quickly to go back from translation mode after translating a word. No need to translate whole sentences either – single words are translated fast enough ! • Make sure what you write is accurate by adding highlighting & annotation tools before hitting ‘save’ & save often! You can highlight any area across multiple lines or even highlight text right from inside the note interface itself if desired… This highlights text where ever its typed at… The user also has 3 options available : “Markup” which allows users 1-click access through annotations ; “Highlight” which highlights highlighted text automatically whenever he writes over

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