Best Non-Legal Jobs For Lawyers?

There are many non-legal jobs for lawyers. For example, a lawyer might provide legal advice and assistance to another person or entity about a business transaction such as purchasing property, negotiating contracts and providing regulatory compliance advice. A lawyer may also advise on human resources issues – including employment law – and conduct audits of companies in order to determine their level of compliance with the law. There may even be opportunities to work as an expert witness (having expertise about something that you can speak or write about). Some lawyers will take up part-time roles as barristers (solicitors) who appear in court on behalf of clients; there is often little distinction between those who do this full time versus those who do it occasionally. Other types of non-legal job include:

• Human resources manager • Risk analyst • Risk consultant • Health and safety officer/inspector • Consultant / advisor / adviser

What type of training should I expect?

If you wish to become a solicitor then most firms require at least three years’ experience working in the field before they will consider taking you on for training purposes. If you don’t have any relevant experience but want to apply for one particular firm then your success will depend upon how well prepared your application is! You could find yourself ignored by firms if it looks like your CV doesn’t stand out from others applying for similar positions within the market place because there are always other candidates applying for posts looking exactly like

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