Best Non-Lawyers Jobs For Lawyers?

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“How did we get along before the Internet? I mean, look at how well we did without a telephone and television. We did just fine.” The test of our progress is not whether we add new and complicated forms of government… but whether or not we keep old forms that do the job and only then improve them. – Thomas Jefferson “Free Republic was started by some very smart people back in 1995 because they wanted to create an anti-establishment forum where all ideas could be exchanged freely with no censorship allowed whatsoever…. From their first day out there were those who questioned Free Republic’s leadership, but mostly due to its original founders being Clinton supporters.”– Vested Interests are concerned about what they perceive as “liberal bias”. That may have been true when Ron Paul ran against John McCain in 2008, but now that Barack Obama has taken over the White House his name is never mentioned within free republic posts anymore . Perhaps Douglas Krieger should ask why!The test of our progress is not

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