Best Non-Lawyer Jobs For Lawyers?

I would not be surprised if you came across a lot of lawyers who do some kind of marketing, whether it’s through PR or something else. And I know that some law firms have very few non-lawyers on staff and a lot of those people are marketing experts. It is likely that despite being a lawyer, you will find yourself doing some sort of marketing either as part time or working for the firm itself, especially after you start your own firm. In fact, many lawyers work in sales jobs with their former employers at one point in their career. So yes there will be exceptions to this rule but more often than not if you go from being an attorney to doing non-lawyer jobs for other attorneys then it is more likely that they have worked for law firms where they were hired by attorneys rather than vice versa (if any). The exception may be when someone works directly with clients like paralegals and maybe even accountants which can take them out of the office environment altogether (but again I don’t think most paralegals make enough money to hire themselves anyway!)

If anything else pops into my head I will add it here!

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