Best New Careers For Lawyers?

If you want to make a good living as a lawyer in the future, then it’s worth considering a career change or at least taking some time off after graduation. The number of new jobs for lawyers decreased in 2014 compared to 2013 and continues to grow slowly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 76,400 job openings in the legal services industry by 2026, but only 13 percent of those positions will require an advanced law degree. According to Law School Transparency’s “Hiring Trends 2016: What Schools Will Be Hiring?” report, many employers are reluctant to hire recent graduates because there is low demand for new hires and few experienced candidates available. If you decide not to return immediately after school and instead enjoy an extended period away from work — perhaps with family — then consider how your skills might translate into other fields if needed later on down the road.

Where can I go after I graduate? If you do get accepted somewhere (and start paying back loans), take advantage of all opportunities available before departure including internships and post-graduation employment opportunities within your chosen field. It pays dividends when looking for potential institutions or companies so approach every possible avenue until you find one who is willing expand their horizons by hiring outside talent like attorneys right out of college rather than just graduates already working full-time elsewhere (even if they did not major in law). One example would be this article where we mention two recent Yale Moot Court

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