Best Networking Groups For Lawyers?

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A: I think the best networking groups for lawyers are those involving state bar associations. The reason is that these groups allow you to meet your peers in a safe and friendly environment, where there is no competition or emotions involved. What’s more, you also have access to legal professionals who represent different practice areas within the law profession. For example, if you’re looking for employment at a local firm that represents plaintiffs’ counsels, then an association with another attorneys from plaintiff firms would be ideal because it will give you access not only to other plaintiff-side litigators but also to corporate partners who may have work for large plaintiff companies as well. You can learn more about organizing meetings here on this site. As far as finding out the names of your fellow networkers – one way is through reciprocity by asking around “Who do I know?” Another way is by using LinkedIn search engine feature which allows users to find other members based on their email addresses or job titles without revealing personal information such as name or company affiliation (you can find out how here). No matter what approach you use, make sure that it doesn’t involve sharing confidential information like phone numbers and email address!

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