Best Negotiation Books For Lawyers?

Here’s my list:

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump. I consider this book as a required reading for every lawyer. It will help you as much as possible in your career, and it is highly recommended to read it at least once during your lifetime – before going into legal practice or after getting out of law school. Why? Because the lessons from The Art of the Deal are timeless and applicable to any business or profession that involves negotiations with customers, employees, vendors and partners – be they lawyers or not!

Crippled America by John Stossel. This excellent book explains how government programs have been designed to benefit only those who don’t need them – creating a dependent class. In other words, “the poor get richer under government handouts while middle class loses its way, becoming more dependent on government assistance… These days we want everyone to feel good about themselves… No one wants people who aren’t grateful for our gifts… We’re all wimps if we can’t give thanks for what we receive.. And so we’ve created a welfare state where no one is truly free but everyone has someone else’s money taken from him or her each payday.” A great read!

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