Best Negligence Lawyers For A Child Atlanta Ga?

I am a 44 year old male and I was charged with reckless driving. I had my wife in the car that day as well as one of our friends who is 24 years old. They were both drinking alcohol that day, but they did not drink to excess or become overly intoxicated. The female claims she has vertigo and cannot stand up straight for any period of time because this condition worsens when you are trying to look at something far away from your face (like a traffic sign). She says she was holding on to me and leaning against me so we would keep our balance, however we do dispute this claim. My friend claims he does not believe his wife can be suffering from vertigo due to her being able to hold herself upright, given the fact that she got out of their vehicle while it was moving faster than 30 mph yet could still walk without falling over after it came to rest, even though there may have been some dizziness at first. He also disagrees with her story of having vertigo because he states they get together once every 6 months or so since over 10 years ago where he witnessed her being able to move around freely comfortably all night long despite him throwing up before bed multiple times during the course of the evening–something no healthy person should ever experience let alone someone suffering from an ailment like vertigo which causes nausea/vomiting? Also worth noting here is that my daughter gets along great with them although my son does not know them very well yet has

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