Best Murfreesboro Tn Lawyers For Cases Of Against Government Employee?

A: Generally speaking, the only way to get a legal claim of sexual harassment on government property is by filing an EEOC charge. The law does not provide for any damages against individual employees or supervisors in cases of sexual harassment, even when there are multiple harassers that act together under color of authority. However, if one employee sexually harassed you and all but one other employee witnessed it or knew about it, then you may have a case legally against the remaining person who did nothing about your complaint despite knowing they were being harassed too. But this situation is very rare because most people do not stand up to their boss when he/she is harassing them unless they feel they can prove that what was done will lead to getting fired. And most employees do not want to go through the hassle of proving why they should be fired for refusing further harassment from their boss even though it would probably happen anyway since no employer wants an employee who has made complaints in the past about how her/his employer treats its workers. Sexual harassment claims cannot be filed directly with employment agencies which means that if you need help filing suit against an employer after suffering at his hands in some way, both federal and state laws require you file suit first with your regional office where your job happens so as to avoid any conflict between private interests (you) and public interest (your workplace).

Q: I am involved in a dispute with my co-worker regarding cell phones usage during work hours?

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