Best Movies For Lawyers To Watch?

A few are listed here, but I’m sure you can find many more. A good place to start is with the courtroom dramas of the 1970s and 1980s. Movies like Murder She Wrote, Matlock, The Firm (the original), L.A. Law, etc., while fictionalized portrayals of real people in real trials and law firms may not be perfect representations–they do capture some aspects of how things work in a courtroom setting very well indeed!

Then there’s what I call “advanced legal drama” which focuses on cases involving international crime or espionage issues that require extensive research into cutting-edge technology and new forms of evidence collection/storage/analysis to get at both sides’ secrets without tipping their hands too much about certain key facts necessary for successful prosecutions or defense strategies (e.g., witness interviews). These movies might include: Enemy Of The State (starring Will Smith), Syriana (starring George Clooney), Good Night And Good Luck (starring David Strathairn) , The Recruit (starring Al Pacino). Special mention goes out to A Few Good Men who was based on an actual case that involved some sensitive national security matters that were handled by Naval Intelligence officers during the Vietnam War era; it has lots more than just courtroom scenes–it also deals with covert operations against drug smuggling cartels in Central America which required extensive undercover missions overseas; plus its protagonist is a young attorney forced into action as he tries to save his

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