Best Movies For Aspiring Lawyers?

I think movies are the best teacher. I take life lessons from movies, whether it’s moral or not. You can find them in any movie.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a lawyer?

The most challenging part is just getting out there and actually doing something about your cases. The other thing that really gets to me is when I have clients who claim they don’t have money for an attorney or they can’t afford to pay their bills, then all of a sudden things disappear into thin air because people make false statements about assets and savings accounts and how much income you get every month—they tend to overestimate what you make as an attorney, which makes it harder for us to collect our fees if we bring them civil cases against these people who owe money on loans or rent or whatever it may be. That becomes one of my jobs: trying to figure out where the money went so that we can recoup our fees after depositions are done with landlords, banks, judges—anyone who might assume that somebody doesn’t have enough money simply because they didn’t post bail before trial anymore than two days ago but never told anyone in their lives that this was going on… Luckily none of my clients ever go missing! [Laughs]

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