Best Movies About Lawyers For Kids?

A: Well, the original Godfather was a lawyer. His name is Michael Corleone, and he’s played by Marlon Brando. It’s an incredible movie about what happens when you start to take over your father’s business and get involved in organized crime. The other movie that I like about lawyers is called Léon: The Professional; it also has a great actor named Jean Reno who plays one of the main characters; another good actor in this film is Harvey Keitel who plays his best friend and partner throughout most of their career together (who becomes his enemy). And finally there’s Little Shop Of Horrors [written by Howard Ashman] which also happens to be made into one of my favorite movies that kids should watch because it tells you how all these people can come together for something greater than themselves…and they do! There are so many talented actors in this movie–Jack Nicholson, Rick Moranis, Steve Martin–the list goes on and on. They all work so well together each portraying different characters within the same story line while still making everything seem believable at the same time!

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