Best Movies About Lawyers For Classroom?

The following are my top ten favorite movies about lawyers. None of the films below begin with a lawyer, but all feature some type of lawyer as an important character or protagonist. The first five films on this list relate to law in various ways and I believe that they can be used effectively in classroom settings for discussing themes such as truth-telling, ethics, power struggles between attorneys and clients, etc. For example:

1) Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home (1986): This is perhaps my favorite movie about lawyers (or at least it was when I was teaching). It features Dr. Leonard McCoy played by the late DeForest Kelley who is forced to return home from deep space travel to run Earth’s only medical facility during an environmental crisis caused by pollution emitted by Kirk’s starship Enterprise . McCoy then must defend himself against federal charges brought against him by someone accusing him of endangering public health through illegal toxic waste dumping into Lake Michigan near Chicago . Like any good lawyer would do under these circumstances, he fights back using his knowledge of science and medicine which also happens to be where he gets his legal training from! In addition there are several scenes featuring Mark Lenard who plays Admiral Cartwright , a former UPN commander whose ship has been commandeered illegally by Kirk along with their entire crew including Lt Uhura Sulu ) who have been abducted from the prime universe aboard the USS Flyer ! In order for me to understand how effective these scenes were in showing what makes a

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