Best Minors For Lawyers?

A. The American Bar Association’s Section on Appellate Law (ABA-Appel) offers a certificate of completion to individuals who complete an approved course in appellate court practice and pass the state bar examination, but the organization does not provide rankings for its graduates.

Q. What is different about law schools? Are there any differences between private and public schools? Is tuition higher at private colleges than public ones?

A. All law schools are accredited by the ABA , which ensures that they meet certain standards in class size, faculty qualifications, student academic success, library resources and other matters. The prices vary depending upon whether you attend a public school or one that is considered “private,” meaning it has fewer than eight hundred students enrolled each year; these include places like Thomas Jefferson School of Law at University of Virginia . Tuition costs can also vary widely among top-ranked colleges if your alma mater doesn’t offer scholarships based on financial need; figures range from $40,000 to more than $120,000 per year at some elite institutions such as Harvard University ‘s Kennedy School of Government .

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