Best Milwaukee Lawyers For Estate Law?

I am thinking of hiring a lawyer for my father’s estate. He lived in California and is now deceased. We are all very upset about this situation, yet he has not left us with the comfort of knowing what might happen with his affairs. The will leaves everything to his son that was born after him (there were no other heirs). My mother worked as an RN for many years before she retired, but her pension plan payout will be quite small compared to what they would have received had he survived her. I know it is early on in the process, but I wanted to see if you could give me any advice or specific areas I should look into first. Thank you so much!

You don’t say how old your Dad was when he died – did he die of natural causes? If so then probate may not be necessary at least until some time has passed since death – i’d start by talking to your local probate office/attorney etc.(if they’re still around)and get them set up on their end too–that way there are no surprises later on down the road concerning things like taxes(for instance) which can become complicated real quick once it gets past year-end…the attorney can help speed things along through probating & tax issues…i’ve found most attorneys charge reasonable fees these days for estate work —as long as clients realize upfront—no surprise bills at the end!! Good luck!

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