Best Messenger Bags For Young Lawyers?

Get a fanny pack. It’s a messenger bag without the bulk and it fits in your pocket, so you can carry all of your stuff around with you. Or I have this one from Old Navy that is really cute, but it has three compartments which could be useful depending on what kind of law firm you work at. There’s also always good old-fashioned books, pens and papers to go along with whatever else you need for any specific case or meeting that day!

How did your company get started? What was its first product? How long did it take to launch?

We launched in 2007 as a line of leather goods made by women artists in Mexico City who were creating handbags and small bags for everyday use—also because their husbands had been working for us making leather products since we opened our store in Mexico City six years prior! We were excited about helping them make these kinds of items more accessible to consumers while contributing to artisanship and artisanal practices worldwide. As such we decided that the best way to get feedback from our customers would be through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest (all translated into Spanish!) became critical components within our marketing strategy early on. We continue building out these platforms today and feel they are essential parts of how we communicate with current and future customers. Our first product included an iPad briefcase called “Biciclesa” created specifically for The King Juan Carlos University Library

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