Best Mens Dress Shoe For Lawyers?

Attorneys are sometimes known to wear suits and ties, although this is not required by law. For example in California, the State Bar Dress Code prohibits attorneys from wearing “business attire” at work (e.g., business-casual) except when representing clients in court or when appearing before multiple judges on a panel where the attorney must appear in formal dress (i.e., black coat and white shirt). In some states, including New Jersey and Massachusetts , lawyers may also be required to wear a jacket and tie depending on their employment setting.

In these instances it can be useful to make sure you have all of your documents prepared ahead of time so that you aren’t scrambling around trying to find them during a big trial or client meeting. It’s also important that your wardrobe is suited specifically for legal work as opposed to other professions – too many suits clashing with each other will cause confusion among opposing counsel, judges and jurors alike! Make sure you’re wearing clothes appropriate for courtroom situations – navy blue slacks instead of khakis, button down shirts instead of t-shirts or polos etc… Remember: You don’t want people saying “Who wore it better?”

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