Best Medical App For Lawyers?

” is a question that I have been asked dozens of times from lawyers who want to be able to confidently answer those questions. The app’s main feature, as you may have guessed from its name, is the ability for physicians and other health care professionals with a variety of specialties to store their notes on patients in an easy-to-search digital format. From there they can provide access to those notes by email or text message so that their client or patient can review them before making any final decisions about diagnosis or treatment options.

The law firm where I practice has already started using this product because it gives our attorneys peace of mind knowing what information we gained during our interviews with clients and witnesses alike. And since Williams & Connolly Insurance Law Group is located in Meriden, Connecticut – home to one of the largest medical schools in the country – we also see how valuable this software could be if more doctors install it across New England and beyond.

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