Best Massashuters’ Lawyers For Distracted Driving Accidents, Without Injury, Without Victims?

The facts in this case were simple, yet the outcome was anything but. At the time of his accident, Mr. Kawa-Szczepanski was driving a 2005 Chevrolet Impala through the Village Green area in Elburn when he struck two parked cars and then another vehicle that had just pulled out in front of him on Route 31. The driver of the second car suffered only minor injuries while Mr. Kawa-Szczepanski sustained fairly serious damage to both eyes and had to have one eye surgically removed as a result. He also lost all feeling from his hands down which meant he could no longer work as a plasterer by trade and will never be able to again.

When we met with him I knew from day one that it would be an uphill battle for my client because prosecutors were going after him hard for being “distracted” behind the wheel instead of actually being involved in an accident due to reckless actions or bad judgment on his part – charges they deemed less worthy than true negligence resulting directly from reckless conduct behind the wheel! And it didn’t take long before they started pushing these new theories into court against my client’s wishes – first causing him physical pain by forcing tubes up into his nostrils during interviews which resulted in infection requiring multiple trips back for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up visits at various medical facilities throughout Illinois including St Louis Hospital where doctors treated Mr. Szczepanski with antibiotics twice over several weeks until finally passing them

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