Best Maryland Lawyers For Settle Of A Non-Registered Will?

If you are like most Maryland residents, you probably don’t have a will. If the state of Maryland doesn’t require it, there is no good reason to make one. However, if you do die without a will in place and your estate is worth more than $2 million dollars (or approximately $3 million today), then an attorney can help draft up a document to protect your family from financial hardship should something unforeseen happen. In this case, however, the law requires that all wills be registered before they become valid.

What does “valid” mean? What must I register as my last will and testament?

In order for your last will and testament to be valid – meaning effective – it must meet certain requirements specified by the laws of the State of Maryland: You must designate a successor trustee or executor; The person designated as successor trustee or executor may not already be named as such in another document; It cannot leave out any beneficiary who would otherwise receive anything under this instrument; There can only be 1 beneficiary per devisee relationship at any time during which there exists an outstanding claim against those assets left by this instrument; Beneficiaries named hereunder shall take title upon death according to their respective dower rights unless otherwise provided herein; Any provision for payment made after the testator’s death shall pre-empt any right arising from laches under other instruments executed prior to his demise.; All provisions which bind both parties hereto

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