Best Marketing Tips For Lawyers?

1. Keep your blog on-topic and short, because it’s hard to read a legal blog that is more than 2 pages long.

2. Be active on social media for both yourself and your law firm (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), but don’t overdo it or you’ll be perceived as self-promoting rather than an expert in your field of law.

3. Don’t advertise every time something good happens for the firm—it doesn’t look professional or credible when lawyers are constantly tweeting about their cases or winning awards at conferences they attended months ago! Instead, focus on what you feel is important to talk about (elements of the case that made it particularly interesting) unless someone specifically asks you to do so, like if there’s a new judge assigned to the case who needs some public relations support from your office; then by all means answer any questions people might have publicly related to that specific judge assignment request.

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