Best Marketing Resources For Lawyers?

What is the most important thing a lawyer can do to get his name in front of potential clients? What books should every new lawyer read? Was there an influential book that made you want to become a lawyer? Why or why not?”

A: “I’ve never been able to answer these questions, but it makes me think I might have missed something. Here’s how I’d go about them: If you were starting out and had no idea what marketing resources existed for lawyers and wanted to find out, which one would be your first stop? A book list probably wouldn’t cut it. There are hundreds of marketing resources available online alone — legal blogs, newsletters, social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn (if you’re on Facebook), etc. The key is knowing where they fit into the overall scheme.”

Q: “What percentage of advertising spend goes toward TV ads versus print/online ads?”

A: “More than half when we run our internal tracking projects at Jones Day. However, depending on the size of your firm and its budget allocation priorities will determine if TV gets more or less attention relative to other channels.”

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