Best Marketing For Lawyers?

The internet. The internet is changing everything except the speed of light, which has always been faster than sound. It’s changing the economy, it’s changing how people consume information and what they seek out for their news and education. And lawyers are no exception to this change in consumer behaviour or changes in technology at all levels of government, so we have to be aware that our services are being measured every day by consumers who may never have heard of us before but now have a smartphone with apps on it that allow them to access the world around them through mobile devices without ever having to leave their houses or even bend over very much at all! Technology has changed rapidly enough that lawyers need an edge if they’re going to compete with other professionals who can afford mobile applications as well as legal research tools like LexisNexis and Westlaw; lawyers will only succeed if we understand these technologies and adapt quickly enough ourselves!

Are there any new developments you’re excited about?

There is one thing I’m really excited about: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This is a big topic for me because AI actually involves applying algorithms – those mathematical formulas – to data sets. But ML involves simulating human intelligence inside computers by feeding those machines data sets where certain rules apply such as “if you repeatedly perform this task X number of times then Y will happen”. These tasks might include recognising faces from pictures taken from different angles or determining whether a document contains specific logos

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