Best Marketing Firm For Lawyers?

Is it:

1. The biggest, most prestigious and best-known law firm in the country?

2. A medium-sized firm with a long history of producing award-winning work?

3. An unknown ad agency whose advertising is so good that no one even knows how great it is?

The answer to each question can be found on page 269 of this book!

Exercise: Write down the name of your business and think about what makes you unique as a marketing professional. What separates you from everyone else out there trying to sell their services or products? How are you better than anyone else? Come up with 10 things, then see which marketing firms have those qualities listed among their core values spelled out in their mission statements (see pages 262265). You’ll find that they aren’t all big firms doing big national campaigns every year; some small ones are much more successful at building brand awareness through word-ofmouth referrals—and they don’t even know why! But if you want to succeed as an independent marketing consultant or agency, you need to do something different from everyone else already out there selling yourself by getting people fired up about how awesome your service will make them feel inside instead of being stuck being just another bland message along the lines of “We provide . . .” It doesn’t have to be fancy, but here are five questions that will help focus your thought process into

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