Best Market For Lawyers?

The United States?

No. Why not? Because the legal profession is seriously challenged, and it’s getting worse all the time. There are only about 4 million lawyers in this country now, including law students at law schools. The number was much higher 20 years ago—about 8 to 9 million lawyers. So if you look at it as a percentage of population, there are fewer lawyers today than were here 20 years ago when the economy was healthy and lots of people were working for good money with health insurance benefits that didn’t end up being very frugal because they lost them through bankruptcy or an injury on the job or got married young before college debt came along after graduation so their wages have declined sharply over time even though they’ve learned how to do more high-paying practice areas… But I think what we’re seeing is really severe erosion in access to justice by ordinary people who can’t afford attorneys’ fees no matter whether they win or lose because private attorney careers are making less money just like public sector career paths have made less money over time despite all these reforms which say let’s hold lawyer salaries down but then nobody keeps track of those numbers anymore because everybody keeps leaving except for superlawyers whose salaries keep going up regardless of how much work gets done instead which means that everybody else has been priced out by superstar lawyers while runaway government spending on litigation has taken away most Americans’ ability to enforce their rights without putting themselves into such crippling debt that they don’t ever get ahead

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