Best Malpractice Lawyers For Dayton Oh?

Most people assume that any lawyer who has a license to practice law in the state of Ohio is an okay attorney. They assume that all lawyers are ethical and upstanding members of society. However, this is not always true. Some attorneys have used their position as a lawyer for personal gain, resulting in the loss of money or even injury to their clients. If you believe your case was treated unfairly by one or more lawyers, there are options available for resolving these issues with outside counsel . The most important thing to remember when retaining an attorney is that they should be able to answer questions truthfully and clearly about your case so you can make educated decisions about what steps need to be taken next concerning your legal issues.. It’s best if it’s someone local because then you know them well enough that they will take good notes during meetings/hearings/etc., etc., etc. I’ve learned over time through experience (and mistakes) what works and doesn’t work from those types of cases which helped me avoid others from going down the same path I took years ago!I had been working as a part-time paralegal at a firm until 2001 when my wife became pregnant with our first child. The job was highly stressful but rewarding as we were constantly learning new things every day. In early 2002 the company went under due to mismanagement on behalf of former management team members; however, before closing it out offered severance packages through its bankruptcy proceedings which included health care benefits for employees

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