Best Malpractice Insurance For Lawyers?

A: In short, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Some lawyers have malpractice insurance that covers all or part of their legal fees but not their current or potential liability for future medical bills from injured plaintiffs. Others pay the full costs of those bills themselves and don’t have any coverage at all. Those who want to protect themselves against a future crisis can find affordable insurance through companies like Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (PCIC) . The U.S. Government has its own version called Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). To qualify for FTCA coverage, you must be an employee of the federal government, which is why many large law firms require employees to purchase it during job interviews with them if they’re not already covered by another employer policy..

Q: What are some questions I should ask when selecting my lawyer?

A: You should always discuss who will handle your case — how much experience do they possess in handling your type of case? How long have they been practicing law? Do you feel comfortable working with this person? If you’ve had previous dealings with him/her what were good things about that relationship and bad things about it as well? Be sure to ask these important questions before making up your mind on one attorney over another!

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