Best Majors For Lawyers Toplawschool?

I asked. “What is it?”

“You know, these big toplawschools they got in the sixties and seventies? They each had a thousand students in their law school. Can you imagine that? A thousand! That was when they were really taking off. I hear there are maybe six hundred now, at least that’s what I heard from one of my colleagues when he went down there for some conference last year. What would it be like to have a class with three hundred people? Can you imagine how difficult it must be for one person if she has to teach all those guys and gals and help them through so many subjects and problems at once? But we don’t even see any classes on Saturday afternoons anymore—it used to be we did five hours every day of oral advocacy where we just argued cases both sides—and then sometimes on Monday morning everyone came back into the classroom again together because oral argument was such an important part of our education. And none of us gets paid overtime or anything like that—we get paid by the hour only except the professors who do clinical work, which usually pays more than teaching does these days because most lawyers aren’t going to take up a profession unless they can make pretty good money out of it. But you know what else happened during this time period too . . . It wasn’t long ago either but some other things changed

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