Best Majors For Future Lawyers?

Well first off, no one ever said that the best lawyer is the one who has just passed. The true test of a top flight legal mind lies in their success after they have taken the bar exam. As people are quick to point out “lawyers don’t make money until they go pro so it doesn’t matter what you do before law school if you are going to be broke!” But this simply isn’t true. Law schools will pay for an attorney to take special courses, seminars and practices during law school as long as he/she has maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout his/her undergraduate career at any accredited institution or university (this means that even community colleges can qualify). These programs often give rise to self-employment opportunities for graduates because many times these companies need qualified attorneys to join them on board immediately upon graduation from law school – not necessarily right away but certainly within three months of receiving your diploma.

This article was written by Jazmin Lopez, an Attorney with Garmel PLC –

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