Best Majors For Aspiring Lawyers?

In the last decade, a few have emerged as catalysts for change. Perhaps most significantly, former President Bill Clinton was an early advisor to Barack Obama and a prime mover of many of his economic initiatives. He’s also been busy fundraising on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. But it is another Canadian who has arguably had greater impact on U.S.-Canadian relations: Michael Ignatieff, professor emeritus at Harvard University and now president of Central European University in Budapest (CEU). In 2005 he published A Just Canada: The Liberal Future Of Our Country, which argued that Canada needed to rethink its relationship with the United States from a liberal internationalist perspective. As part of this process, Ignatieff said much more should be done to support civil society in America and help immigrants become citizens if they wanted them to vote for Democrats—a position that would make him persona non grata among much of Canada’s conservative establishment but one he believes is necessary if there are any hopes for real political reform in America today.[15] “I think we need both sides,” says Ignatieff about his book; “The term ‘Liberal’ refers not only to supporters or opponents but I am talking about things like human rights.” This focus on issues other than trade agreements led some Canadian conservatives like Senator Leo Housakos (MP) to label him “the most dangerous guy in Ottawa.”[16] One might say that were Mr. Trudeau still alive today he’d

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