Best Majors For Aspiring Lawyers Politicians?

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, George Bush was given a very generous hand by his political cronies in Congress to give away all sorts of goodies for their “special interest groups”. He gave the US Federal Reserve monies (in other words our national debt) to be loaned out at sub-prime interest rates. It is estimated that he has lost over $25 billion dollars on this act alone! The same Congressmen insisted that if we were attacked again, they wanted us to go back into Iraq and fight them there. They not only knew it would bankrupt us but also that many Americans would lose their lives fighting another senseless war after 9/11. This type of thinking has caused America’s economy to take an absolute nosedive as billions upon billions are being spent fighting wars around the world while jobs stay home.

I can’t help but think what kind of major plan these same people have put together so far for financing this nation’s future? Even though I’m sure they didn’t mean for this information to come out quite like it did, I am proud to say that my plan will cost much less than theirs and comes with one big advantage: My plan doesn’t involve sending any more American soldiers overseas or opening up our borders here at home! Please watch my video presentation below and then tell me how you feel about what you’ve just seen instead of making excuses for those who refuse anything else but war.

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