Best Major For Lawyers?

“Who the hell cares?” I ask. “We get paid to do things like that. It doesn’t matter to us if we win or lose. We just want to be able to sleep at night; that was our primary motivation when we went into this business, and it hasn’t changed over the years. It doesn’t mean you have a right not beat up on people who are doing something they don’t believe in, but there is a certain point where those concerns become immaterial for most lawyers as they become more experienced and move up through the ranks of their firm. In some ways, there is an almost tribal aspect of law firms: everybody is stuck with each other until he or she moves out—lawyers go from partner to partner all the time during their careers—and so there comes a point where guys can beat themselves up without any fear of reprisal because they know each other inside and out by then. But even still, winning always matters more than losing for bar exam preparation purposes because it means you have been successful enough at what you do that you can retire from being a lawyer with dignity rather than going mad fighting your battles every day for three years after passing the bar exam only to find yourself stuck working sixty hours a week all your life afterward with no one really giving a fuck about anything except how much money one makes per hour anymore once you pass all those hurdles necessary before becoming licensed as an

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