Best Locations For Lawyers?

Would you rather be a lawyer or an accountant? What is the most important characteristic of a good boss for lawyers? For accountants? Free View in iTunes

124 Clean How to Get Things Done We all have goals, but they can get lost in the shuffle. Although it’s easy to let our goals fall away into the abyss of procrastination, we need to take charge and set them up on little whiteboards next to our desks. Our hosts talk about some tips for getting t.. Free View in iTunes

125 Clean The Trouble with Law Schools – Pt 2 A law student recently asked us this question: “What if I decide that my first choice school isn’t really right?” We do not think you should go back on your decision. However, there are still options available (if you haven’t already ruled out your t.. Free View in iTunes

126 Clean The Trouble with Law Schools – Pt 1 There are many reasons why people choose one particular school over another when applying for admission to law school. Some students base their decisions solely upon cost; others look at factors such as location, faculty members’ research interests and how .. Free View in iTunes

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