Best Llm For Foreign-Trained Lawyers Nyc?

The Law School Admission Council, which administers the LSAT, lists its website as We will use the address of this site in our search for information about international law schools. A Google searches with the term “foreign-trained lawyers nyc” brings up many results, including a website that claims to provide accurate data on LLM programs around New York City ( However, this site does not seem to contain any complete list of LLM programs per se; rather it provides only an email address where you can send requests for more information on each school’s LLM program and several links to various other webpages related to specific schools or individuals who teach at these schools or are associated with them in some manner (e.g., companies they work for). On scholarship websites such as those maintained by the American Bar Association and Fulbright Program there is no mention of any foreign-trained lawyer requirement either before or during completion of an LLM degree program at one of their member institutions abroad.[40]

Should I file a petition? Will my petition be denied?

A petitioner must submit his application directly through ULSAC for consideration by ULSAC’s committee(s) under Rule 14C(d)(1), without filing a separate Petition Withdrawal Form.[41] The Committee may deny your request if it appears that you have intentionally

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