Best Llm For Foreign Lawyers Admission?

Foreign lawyers are not allowed to apply for the Borlaug Fellows Program. However, there is an exception if you are a foreign lawyer who has LLM-level (master’s) degree or higher at an eligible university (except for China). If so, then you may apply after having passed the second year of your LLM program and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above during 12 full semester hours in graduate school. Note that this requirement does not refer to your legal education – just your academic accomplishments as a law student – but it does exclude applicants from certain countries such as Iran and North Korea which have been identified by U.S. State Department as posing national security concerns because they might pose a threat to America’s national security interests due to their connections with terrorism, weapons proliferation activities, etc., according to Treasury Dept order 922(d) issued on January 16th 2011

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